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Eric Garrett

Leader In Washington’s Local Food Movement.

About Me

Eric Garrett is a pioneer in the local and seasonal food movement in Washington. His restaurant, The Hopeful Cup, is known for its Pacific Northwest food innovation. His work is part of the burgeoning Slow Food Movement, a philosophy and practice centered on local food. Its followers want to be the polar opposite of quick food. Garrett is a well-known forager who is well-versed in Washington’s land and terrain. In the kitchen, he rose to popularity by using French methods on local Washington foods.

Garrett, who was born in Steilacoom, WA, returned to his hometown to open his restaurant. “The phrase “grow where you are planted” has always appealed to me. When I’m not at home, I daydream about the woods of Washington. The aroma of the woods pervades your being.” Garrett turned the old post office in town into a restaurant. In the restaurant’s doorway, he has a rotating exhibit of local and seasonal cuisine exhibited in antique post office boxes.
Roles and responsibilities as of now

Garrett is the restaurant’s chef de cuisine. He is in charge of the kitchen and the whole culinary crew, as well as producing new cuisines and menus. Garrett focuses on sustainability by filling his kitchen dishes with locally renewable ingredients like fish and mushrooms, while avoiding conventional meats and imported haute cuisine features.

Eric  Garrett is co-owner of The Hopeful Cup with his wife Lynda and partners Chase and Lance Burgess while acting as chef de cuisine. Lynda Garrett is a food preservation specialist. She works at a restaurant, where she saves seasonal food for consumption all year. Burgess Hardware and Larry’s Bar are owned by the Burgess brothers in Steilacoom.

Garrett promotes his area and neighborhood in addition to his business. He wants to generate employment and attract people back to Steilacoom because he believes that local food is the foundation of successful local economies. He prefers to support the local economy by acquiring as many ingredients as feasible.

Chef Garrett had formal training in both French and Pacific Northwest cuisines. Garrett acquired French cuisine from the greatest chefs in the area while working in a number of exclusive eateries. He started his career at Luc in Seattle, where he worked under Thierry Rautureau.

After his tenure at Luc, Garrett relocated to San Francisco and worked for a number of chefs before settling at Petit Crenn for seven years. He worked at Petit Crenn under Dominique Crenn before quitting to open his own restaurant. Garrett aided Crenn in her transition to sustainable cooking, providing inspiration for The Hopeful Cup’s menu.

His first employment was at Bendy’s Diner, where he worked under Laura Kittle’s supervision. Kittle’s restaurant is still operational, despite her retirement. On Monday mornings, Garrett may be seen there making short-order eggs.

Getting Started

Eric Garrett grew up in the town of Steilacoom, Washington. This little village began as a lumbering settlement. It is still surrounded by massive forests of trees. These woodlands, as well as their wealth, provide as a source of inspiration for the cook.

Garrett is known for integrating the aromas and fragrances of the region’s conifers in his cuisine, but he also leads foraging parties for herbs and mushrooms. The aromas and essences of evergreens take center stage in his menu and beyond. The waitstaff delivers smoldering conifer smudges to the table, which they replace between meals.